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Friday Night, August 16th at the
Party In The Park :

Merchant Alley will provide space to merchants and businesses to promote their company, products, and services during the "The Swanton All-Class Reunion". We welcome all past participants!

These events are coordinated with the Corn Festival but are held the night prior to the Corn Festival and include there's music, entertainment, dancing, food and drinks in the Entertainment Tent located on the upper ball field. It is always a great time and everyone 21 & over are welcome to attend!

Friday evening is an option if you wish to open.
Friday night activities start at 6 P.M. and end at 10 P.M.

Also see "Event Registration" for Merchant Application

Saturday, August 17th at the Swanton Corn Festival:

Merchant Alley continues providing the promotions, goods and services during the Swanton Corn Festival the next morning, Saturday, August 18th.

Booths should be open at 10 A.M. and close no later than 7 P.M.
The festival ends at 11 P.M.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments, please convey them to the planning committee. You may contact someone on the planning committee here

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